Creators who continue to work freely and in their own way. Through dialogue with them, this editorial content focuses on their thoughts and intentions.


Kotaro Anzai

With the philosophy of "living with the forest," he operates from two bases, one at the foot of Mt. Adatara in Fukushima, and one in Tokyo. He places top priority on architecture that coexists with nature, use only materials that can easily be returned to nature, design traceability of building materials, and develop regenerative environmental regeneration businesses where the more buildings they build, the richer the forest becomes. aim.

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Yuna Yagi

In 2004, graduated from the Department of Architecture, Parsons College of Art, New York. After living in Canada, New York, and Berlin, she is currently based in Kyoto. Pursuing the truth of things through the experience of the act of "seeing," she presents two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and installation works that utilize the characteristics of photography to shake the sense of sight both domestically and internationally.

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Ryosokuin Deputy Chief Priest

Toryo Ito

After training at a Kenninji school specialty dojo, he was in charge of Zazen instruction at Ryosokuin for 15 years. Centering on contemporary art, he continues to attempt to transcend boundaries and connect with tradition. He also has international activities, such as holding Zen seminars at Facebook's headquarters in the United States and teaching Zen in France, Germany, and Denmark.

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Hiroki Niimi

ter graduating from Tama Art University, Hiroki Niimi began his career as an art director in the fields of advertising, music, and fashion. Alongside his work, he started creating artworks with the theme of "the consumption of creativity," focusing on advertising and subculture motifs. He is affiliated with SH GALLERY.

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Shigeru Okada

Shigeru Okada is a chef and producer known for his work at the creative agency 「en one tokyo」 which leads the art and culture scene in Tokyo's Harajuku district. He has been involved in the production of various spaces and dining establishments such as the authentic upon restaurant 「Menchirashi」, the music bar 「Fumin Yuugi Lion」, and「Tokyo Burnside」.

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