Asakusa, Tokyo


Technology cultivated in Tokyo.

The first domestic product produced by OAO, "AUTH TREK'', is produced one pair at a time by craftsmen at a shoe workshop founded in Tokyo in 1962.

The shoes are made in a workshop that has a long track record of making shoes for police officers and Self-Defense Forces personnel, and the high quality is maintained through careful work that pays close attention to every detail through in-house integrated production. Masu.


The pinnacle of domestically produced leather

AUTH TREK (Natural) uses tanned leather from Tochigi Leather, which ranks among the highest of domestically produced materials. The finished product goes through 20 time-consuming and labor-intensive manufacturing processes, resulting in a soft and durable tanned leather. It is highly praised around the world for its beauty, including its unique luster and amber color that deepens with use.

No harmful chemicals are used in the tanning process, and only resin extracted from mimosa bark is used.


Waterproof cow leather

The high-performance cow leather used in AUTH TREK (Black) is provided by ECCO LEATHER, a company with a research center and factory in Dongen, the Netherlands.

The innovative appeal of this material is that it has a very smooth touch and beautiful texture, while also being highly waterproof to prevent rain from seeping in. It is said to be about 7 times more effective than the industry standard, and its water repellency is completely restored after it dries naturally, and its effectiveness is maintained whether it is exposed to not only rainwater but also seawater. At the same time, it maintains moisture permeability that is about 20% better than other companies' products, and it also supports the comfort inside the shoe.