Points to note when purchasing

Currently, we are experiencing a large number of missed orders and incorrect orders for water-repellent and stain-resistant products.

If you would like to have the product processed, please add the following two items to your cart: ① Product ② Water repellent/stain resistant treatment, Please check that the items are included before purchasing the product.

Please note that if you delete "Water Repellent/Stain Resistant" from your cart, the option will not be applied.

About the option service

This is a service that can be ordered as an option when purchasing a product.

We will process the product you purchase to make it water repellent and stain resistant.
A processing fee of 3,800 yen (tax and shipping included) will be charged for each pair.

After receiving your order, our craftsmen will process each customer's product one by one by hand, so it will take approximately 3 weeks in addition to the normal delivery time.

Also, please note that orders cannot be canceled, returned, or exchanged after purchasing options.

About processing

The process involves applying water-repellent and stain-resistant technology used for "kimono," a traditional Japanese garment, that has been practiced for nearly 100 years in Kyoto, Japan. Skilled craftsmen in Kyoto carefully apply the process to each shoe.

Unlike typical post-processing with water-repellent sprays, this method uses special techniques and machines to penetrate the chemical solution deep into each fiber, achieving a stronger water-repellent effect than usual. The process does not compromise the breathability of the material.

The water and oil repellent effect protects the sneakers from water penetration on rainy days, mud splashes, and oil stains from oils, paints, and more.

How to care

For more information, click here Click here Please refer to the.


Water repellent and stain resistant effects are not semi-permanent.
The effect lasts for about one year with general use, but the effect gradually diminishes.

Since it is processed to repel water and oil, it cannot repel powder-based dirt such as solid mud or dirt.

If you subscribe to this option, we cannot cancel your order or accept returns or exchanges due to size, etc. Please note.

Due to processing, there may be slight changes in gloss and texture.