OAO's reservation-only private showroom "OAO HAUS"

This is the only space in Japan where all OAO models are displayed, and we provide product explanations and try-on services.

Reservations are required, and 3 people will be allowed to try on the products and introduce the products to each session. In addition to being available for purchase, we also accept advance reservations for items that are sold out at the online store.

It is located in an accessible area within a 6-minute walk from Daikanyama Station.


OAO's new space was born in a quiet area where time flows in a unique way. The luxurious light that comes in through the large windows spreads throughout the space, changing its appearance with the seasons, weather, and time, creating a fantastic experience that makes your body feel wrapped in white.

The lightness that can be felt from the series of solid materials such as metal, glass, and stone expresses the comfortable floating feeling that symbolizes the brand, and at the same time embodies OAO's attitude of moving lightly into the future.


This is the reservation form for OAO HAUS. Please select your preferred date and time below to make an appointment.


If you are more than 15 minutes late from the start time, your reservation will be automatically cancelled.


Up to four people can come at the same time per couple of reservations.

The products you have pre-ordered or purchased will be delivered to your home by mail at a later date. Please note that we are unable to deliver the products on the spot.

You can cancel from the completion email that will be sent to you when you make a reservation.