The creative journey that creators take throughout their lives. This documentary film focuses on the behind-the-scenes of their activities that they never show to others.



On August 28, 2023, fashion designer Harunobu Murata unveiled the 2024 Spring/Summer collection for his brand "HARUNOBUMURATA." The show, held at the Tokyo National Museum’s Horyuji Treasure Gallery, exuded a light and airy atmosphere reminiscent of a summer vacation, enveloping the entire venue in an elegant ambiance that captivated the audience. This film recorded Murata's process of holding the brand's first spring/summer season show. Based on the concept of "Luxury of Silence," we explore the current location of Murata, who continues to create from Japan to the world.








Daigo Sakuragi

"What is it that makes a Japanese musician unique enough to be accepted around the world?" Musician Daigo Sakuragi, while on tour in various parts of Japan, went to Kamikochi in Nagano Prefecture in search of new hints for artistic expression. In this film, we closely follow his personal field recording project.

The sounds of water, wind, and trees that can only be found in Japanese nature. The quiet chirping of birds. The aura of the earth that has existed there since ancient times. While walking on his own feet, he recorded the rich environmental sounds of nature and recorded the process of music making in his search for beautiful expression.



Masaya Kushino

In April 2022, Kushino, who also designs shoes for OAO, held a new solo exhibition, presenting original works of shoe art that mix tradition and technology. This exhibition marked a significant change from the glittering nature and animal motifs that have become his signature work. The title of the work is "Oblivious Traveler - Ningen Hanka (Flower Praise for Humanity). Everyone faces encounters, relationships, and partings. Each of the works, born from the process and memories of a human being's life, was even more humanistic and tenderly close to people's hearts, symbolizing the current Kushino.

In this volume, we accompanied Kushino on a trip to Ine, Kyoto, where he says he would like to settle down in the future, and recorded the background of this solo exhibition and his current thoughts.



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