The Identity of painter Mayumi Yamase


This contents focuses on the identity of Mayumi Yamase, an artist who creates pictures and sculptures with impressive pop colors and shapes.

We spoke with her about her background as a painter and the identity that she values.




Born in Tokyo. Spent her childhood in the U.S. and moved to England upon graduation from high school. Studied fine art at the University of the Arts London and Chelsea College of Arts and Design. Currently based in Tokyo, Japan. She works mainly in abstract painting and soft sculpture, based on the concept of relative reality (the body) and invisible fantasy and imagination. His work has been exhibited in Tokyo, London, and Singapore, and he has worked with various companies including Comme des Garçons and BEAMS T.






Birthplace and becoming a painter


I grew up in LA, USA until I was 6 years old, because my parents ran a vintage clothing store. At that time, I loved American cartoons, etc., and I also liked to exercise.


Before starting a thrift store, my mother worked as an animator at Hanna-Barbera Productions, the company that drew the Smurfs and Flinstones, and later as an illustrator, so I was familiar with drawing from a young age.




I drew and loved to draw, but I was more into playing outside and immersed myself in sports like basketball and marathon running.

When I was in the fourth grade, my mother said, "Try drawing these people. When I was in the fourth grade, my mother brought me a magazine with female models in it, and when I drew the picture, my parents printed it on T-shirts and bags and used it. Even now, when I face something like a painting, I always make sure to "draw with all my might" without much hesitation.



The reason I started drawing seriously was an art teacher I met in high school. He was someone who had studied at my alma mater in London (Chelsea College of Art and Design), and his classes were very interesting, so I decided to go to art school in London under his influence.



My own style


In art class at my high school, we were given blank white canvases and we had to paint whatever we wanted and then debate about it. At that time, we were allowed to draw whatever we wanted, and what I drew was a picture with colors and shapes that would lead to my current style.


I think my age was a factor, but I always drew to answer the question, "What am I made of?

I think my age had something to do with it, but I feel like I'm always drawing to answer the question, "What am I made of?



A lot of things have been flowing at a very fast pace since I came to England, such as the language barrier, the environment, and so on, so I think it was a very special time in my life.

The classes at the university were fresh and new, and there was nothing in particular to be taught.

I started 3D art after I entered university, and I feel that it is now an extension of my painting.

I started 3D when I entered university, and it seems to be an extension of painting now.




The job of "painter"


It's an interesting way of saying the job of "painter".

At university, I was taught that "you are an artist", and I came back to Japan with a lot of energy thinking that I was going to become one. Painting and making art is the area where I can live most vividly, so I am happy to be able to make a living at it.


In the future, I would like to create a better production environment for myself and challenge myself to do more new things. I would like to do more work such as making huge paintings and prints.




Through this collaboration


I could agree with the attitude of creating something new and taking a modern approach to it. Like the design of the shoes, I like the way the paint was applied with curves as the axis, creating a flowing effect.




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