Documented by Yuriko Takagi

Yuriko Takagi (Photographer)

Born in Tokyo in 1951. After studying graphic design at Musashino Art University, moved to UK. After studying fashion design at Trent Polytechnic and working as a freelance designer in Europe, she turned to photography. Currently based in Japan, she is actively engaged in photography while continuing to travel to Asia, Africa, South America, and the Middle East. Her works, which pursue the "existence of people" through fashion and the human body from a unique perspective, are delicate yet overwhelmingly strong, exposing the unique atmosphere of the place and the life hidden deep within.

In recent years, she has also been working on a project called "chaoscosmos," which aims to capture the mysteries of natural phenomena. Exhibitions have been held in Japan and Europe. Major works include ``Nus Intime'' (Yobisha), "Confused Gravitation" (Bijutsu Publishing), "IN AND OUT OF MODE" (Gap Japan), "Skin YURIKO TAKAGI × KOZUE HIBINO" (Fusosha), "sei " (Xavier Barral).

https://yurikotakagi.com /