2022. The things around us living in Tokyo are adapting to the times and changing little by little.
City. Culture. Lifestyle. Values. What does Tokyo look like today? Where is it headed?
The present and future of Tokyo photographed by photographer Jiro Konami will be introduced, along with the his thoughts and feelings.

「When I travel back and forth between New York and Tokyo, I am reminded of many things. Looking around at the ever-changing city, I see buildings lined up against the sky and rarely see a bird soaring through the air. But I think it's urban, chaotic, sweaty, and beautiful.」

「I am fascinated by the mysterious atmosphere of Tokyo, which is at the root of my work, and I create such works by surrendering myself to the colors of the exotic city and becoming one with Tokyo. I think this is because I am Japanese and what I have cultivated in Tokyo is in my blood.
No matter how the city changes, I am excited by it, and that is my Tokyo.」

小浪 次郎 | Jiro Konami

1986年生まれ。写真家。活動初期より8年間、自身の父親を撮影し続け、絶妙な親子の距離感を記録した作品で2010年に富士フォトサロン新人賞を獲得するなど高い評価を得る。 これまでに2013年『父をみる』、2014年『personal memory』、2015年『PARADAISE TOKYO』、2017年『GIMATAI』、2018年『Straigt,No chaser』、2021年『舐達麻』、2022年「Burning Drop」などの写真集を刊行。 主な個展に2011年G/P FRONT LINE SHOW 「complex and more」(Spiral garden)、2012年「UK-curtain call 」(KONICA MINOLTA Gallery)、2013年「Loolong at my father」(Fuji film salon)、2016年「GIMATAI」(Book Marc)、2021年「GIMATAI」(common Gallery)、2022年「Burnnig Drop」(PARCO Museum)等、グループ展も多数行う。 2017年より活動拠点をニューヨークに移す。『The New York Times』『i-D Magazine』などで作品を発表している。

Photographer. Konami has recognized the portraitures of his own father which he documented for 8 years since his early career. The work captured unique but somewhat relatable father-and-son relationship and earned Fuji Photo Salon the new face Prize 2009. He has published photo books called “Looking at my father”, “personal memory”, “PARADISE TOKYO”, “GIMATAI” “NAMEDARUMA” "Burning Drop"etc, and has worked with various fashion labels, magazines, among other ads and artists. In 2017, he moved to New York and has been featured on “The New York Times” and “Interview Magazine.” and “I-D Magazine”

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