Vibram RollinGait System®︎

The CURVE 1 and MONA are mounted on RollinGait®︎ soles by Vibram.
The cushioning and propulsion the soles provide support and lessen the strains on the legs of creators who walk and stand for long periods of time.




Moving forward as if you were rolling.

The most impressive feature of Rollingate®︎ is its propulsion.There is no other sole, that upon wearing, will move your body weight forward and make the urge of walking irresistible. This is the answer to the tired and stressed out legs of creators who work and move non-stop.



Comfort through thickness and lightness.

The thick soles, on par with the average dud shoes, provide a unique softness when feet and ground come together.

Despite the appearance, the thick soles are surprisingly light and will not hamper movement. 


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